Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Awesome Birthday List

Purse (Little Pet show awwwww) CUTE!!

Wonder Woman comic

Mouse Guard action figures (no its not kiddish)

Coolio shirt (it has a bunch of teeth)

Lip gloss (Hannah Montana)

Different color pins (Got layers I needed 'em thanks Keyla)

Chocolate (yummmy goooood)

Big Wonder Woman Book (rad) (It is big)

A cool sweat suit (sweaty) (pink)

A awesome green sweater (green!)

Shirts (a lot)

Some more shirts (wow)

Jeans (size 10-14) (I'm a long rubber girl)

More jeans (too much clothes)

Even MORE jeans (done)

Mary Marvel action figure (Still not kiddish)

Betty Boop pencils (yah)
Phone (Sidekick slide)
A bunch of money & cards (wow)
(BOOKS) I heart books (God bless books)
If I miss anything sorry I will write another review!

Thanks and a preview

Well until I write my next review of what got for my b-day I just want to thank all of you guys who read, commented and loved my reviews that means a lot coming from my fans who are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy older than me.... naaaaaaaaaaaaaah just kiddin anyone who looks at my reviews are young (not Joe Rice) ha ha ha you are stinky. Not my fans Joe you smell like butt and feet mixed together even worse. well none of my fans smell like that because you alllllllll rock...(YEAH I'M GONNA WRITE 3 NEXT REVIEWS ON MOUSE GUARD "NEW" WONDER WOMAN)(wonder woman never gets old like mouse guard and captain marvel) (AND MY BIRTHDAY LIST) so hang around for those reviews hope you like ‘em see ya later alligator (phrase from Jahkwona) thanks = P.