Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Hi everyone its me Leanna. I justwanted to say "Hi" to my readers & my friends. I hope everyone leaves a comment about my reveiws.:D

I thought I'd let you get to know a little bit about me. I like reading mystery books and comedy books. I also like reviewing of course. I like all kinds of different comic books. My favorites are Captain Marvel, All Star Superman, Wonder Woman, Betty and Veronica, and the Simpsons. Oooo I almost forgot Mouse Guard.

School is fun. You get to talk to your friends. You get to take classes that teach you stuff that you need to know earlier in life. My favorite subjects all right I'm not going to play myself. All of them are my favorite subjects! The only suckish thing about school is when you have to go to a new school. You have to get to know new people, new teachers, and you don't know how does that school go. It's just like reviewing a new comic book that you've never read before. You don't know nothing about the series or anything about the character.

I'm interested in the bands Weezer and Fountains of Wayne but I have to say my favorite singer in the whole wide world is Evanescence. She does very very cool rock.

I think I'm going to review the next issue of Wonder Woman, All Star Superman and I'm going to start reviewing Betty and Veronica and also I'm going to review the Mouse Guard and that's it (so far). I will also review books (not comic books).

Well bye for now hope you comment me on all of my reviews!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Original Review

Dear Gail Simone

I like Wonder Woman (the charecter) because she is very athletic, strong, and thoughtful, because she goes to different kinds of crimes and saves lives of children and Adults. She also expirents different kinds of pains. I also like her laso of truth also in this book I noticed the shield with a W on her back. The reason I like the laso of truth is because it has a kind of power to tell the truth not most super heroes have a superpower like that. The sheild also was a good Idea because just in case someone attacks her on the back they will not hurt her.

The story starts interesting because it starts when Hippolyta is asking the North, West, east, and South (prisoners) if they repend all of them did not agree by saying "Never." Until she came upon the south stall she asked "do you repend." "Never." answered the prisoner. Suddenly the prisoner called "Hippolyta" and gave her a crown entitled our queen the prisoner carved the crown using there teeth. The prisoner told Hippolyta to kill her dauter "No." Hippolyta yelled breaking the crown into pieces

Back with Wonder Woman Grodd sent a army of armed gorillas to claim the azure oceans they wanted to "sloter" Wonder Woman and that is like impossible there talking about WONDER WOMAN! Hello! Well Wonder Woman of corse injures them and finnally she gets to them. They all make promises. Later on Wonder Woman let all of them stay over her house. I looked like kayaus [ed. note: "chaos"] to me. The gorillas were everywhere it looked like a saturday night sleepover with a lot of caffine. All of a sudden Tom rings the doorbell. I guess the gorillas go to the kitchen or something.. So Wonder Woman opens the door and he goes past her and cuts her off GOSH HOW RUDE! he also says her apartment was boring because it must not be as dirty as his. Well they go on a mission and meet up with Captin Nazi Wonder Woman says he's gotten stronger and oh yes he looks stronger and of course she does Tom a favor and get in front of him. He hold her to a wall and on the next page it shows Nasis killing everything they can find. I hope Wonder Woman finds her way out of this one.

My Coments
At least Wonder Woman always finds a way out of everything. YAY Wonder Womans the best! I love Wonder Woman and Captin Marvil if you have my opinion I think there the best!

An Introduction

Hello there. My name is Mr. Rice. Some of my fellow comic nerds may know me through blogging as Joe Rice. But this isn't my blog, I'm just helping out and administrating it. The real author of this blog is going to be Leanna. She's ten, a former student of mine, and one of the wittiest, most brilliant people I've met in my life. It's too bad she smells so bad. (I'm just checking to see if she reads this. Ha, got you, nerd!)

She recently wrote a review of Wonder Woman #14 that tickled the author and plenty of other folks. It'll be reposted here. But all this excitement made Lee want to review more comics. So I thought I'd set her up her own blog for such a purpose. So I hope you, the internet, enjoy her reviews as much as I've always enjoyed her writing. Take it away, Lee!