Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Awesome Birthday List

Purse (Little Pet show awwwww) CUTE!!

Wonder Woman comic

Mouse Guard action figures (no its not kiddish)

Coolio shirt (it has a bunch of teeth)

Lip gloss (Hannah Montana)

Different color pins (Got layers I needed 'em thanks Keyla)

Chocolate (yummmy goooood)

Big Wonder Woman Book (rad) (It is big)

A cool sweat suit (sweaty) (pink)

A awesome green sweater (green!)

Shirts (a lot)

Some more shirts (wow)

Jeans (size 10-14) (I'm a long rubber girl)

More jeans (too much clothes)

Even MORE jeans (done)

Mary Marvel action figure (Still not kiddish)

Betty Boop pencils (yah)
Phone (Sidekick slide)
A bunch of money & cards (wow)
(BOOKS) I heart books (God bless books)
If I miss anything sorry I will write another review!

1 comment:

Bo Bo said...

That's an impressive list of gifts! Although, you forgot to mention the most important part, what kind of cake did you have?!