Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Hi everyone its me Leanna. I justwanted to say "Hi" to my readers & my friends. I hope everyone leaves a comment about my reveiws.:D

I thought I'd let you get to know a little bit about me. I like reading mystery books and comedy books. I also like reviewing of course. I like all kinds of different comic books. My favorites are Captain Marvel, All Star Superman, Wonder Woman, Betty and Veronica, and the Simpsons. Oooo I almost forgot Mouse Guard.

School is fun. You get to talk to your friends. You get to take classes that teach you stuff that you need to know earlier in life. My favorite subjects all right I'm not going to play myself. All of them are my favorite subjects! The only suckish thing about school is when you have to go to a new school. You have to get to know new people, new teachers, and you don't know how does that school go. It's just like reviewing a new comic book that you've never read before. You don't know nothing about the series or anything about the character.

I'm interested in the bands Weezer and Fountains of Wayne but I have to say my favorite singer in the whole wide world is Evanescence. She does very very cool rock.

I think I'm going to review the next issue of Wonder Woman, All Star Superman and I'm going to start reviewing Betty and Veronica and also I'm going to review the Mouse Guard and that's it (so far). I will also review books (not comic books).

Well bye for now hope you comment me on all of my reviews!


A Mithra named Alth Aaiaa (Althaia) said...

Hey Leanna, just wanted to say welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Sorry about my long username, I created it for something else and I don't feel like changing it now. ;)

I first got into comic books when I was 11, when I saw an issue of Princess Sally Acorn's miniseries (from Archie Comics) at a shop at an airport. I soon started getting other comics such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Betty and Veronica, so I think it's awesome that you're reading Betty and Veronica, too. ;)

I've bought some Wonder Woman too, in the past, and I've heard Mouse Guard is very cool, so it's good to see people like Mr. Rice are steering you in the right direction, lol!

Just wanted to say that I'm a fan of Weezer, haven't really ever heard anything about Fountains of Wayne, but Evanescence is one of my favorites.

I'll be interested to see what books you review, just because I know I certainly read a lot of fiction when I was younger. Are you currently reading any fantasy series?

I know it's kind of old now, but the Princess Sally three-part miniseries still holds a special place in my heart. So if you feel like picking something up that's a little different, I'd suggest giving it a try. ;)

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Paul T. said...

Hey, Leanna...I will be following this blog with interest! Your Wonder Woman review was GREAT!

I can't wait to see what you think of All-Star Superman, my favorite comic.

FunkyGreenJErusalem said...

Mouse Guard Rules!

Weezer Rules!

This Blog Rules!

Lena said...

This is such a great idea for a blog!

I look forward to reading your reviews, Leanna.

interrobanger said...

I'm looking forward to reading more reviews!

You should see if Mr. Rice can set up an address (maybe at school?) where people can mail you "review copies"--free books!

My job is to publish books for kids, and we are always looking for new reviewers--especially smart kids.

Mr. Rice said...

Interro: I'll get that set up this morning! Great idea.

Matt Algren said...

Leanna- Great first review! I look forward to seeing more!

What non-comic books do you think you'll be reviewing? There's a whole lot of good stuff out there. (Though bad reviews are sometimes more fun to write! ;-) )

Nirmal said...

This is awesome!