Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Introduction

Hello there. My name is Mr. Rice. Some of my fellow comic nerds may know me through blogging as Joe Rice. But this isn't my blog, I'm just helping out and administrating it. The real author of this blog is going to be Leanna. She's ten, a former student of mine, and one of the wittiest, most brilliant people I've met in my life. It's too bad she smells so bad. (I'm just checking to see if she reads this. Ha, got you, nerd!)

She recently wrote a review of Wonder Woman #14 that tickled the author and plenty of other folks. It'll be reposted here. But all this excitement made Lee want to review more comics. So I thought I'd set her up her own blog for such a purpose. So I hope you, the internet, enjoy her reviews as much as I've always enjoyed her writing. Take it away, Lee!


Leanna T said...

Ow my eyes are bleeding you so ugly you cant walk past a mirror on a regular basis

A Mithra named Alth Aaiaa (Althaia) said...

Hahaha. ;D Cool. :) Have fun!