Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wonder Woman 15

Hey everyone its me Leanna. Sorry that I haven't wrote a review in a long time but its going to change. This review is about comic 15 of Wonder Woman by Gail Simone and illistrated by Mr. and Mrs. Dodson (cool pic people). Well hope you like the review so just sit aback and . . .READ!

OK first it showed some heroes and they were guardians (they all kind of looked like Wonder Woman but it means they looked cool). Then after the comic resumed the 14th comic w/Captin Nazi. (Wonder Woman rocks.) Capitn Nazi held her by the wall and he never known it was old (that's like . . .drinking milk and never know it turns into a glob and after you drink it you barf and your barf smells bad like JOE RICE).

Coming back to the story Captin Nazi pushes Wonder Woman so hard the wall breaks (have to know your strength its like not knowing your name that's like plane dum right there.) then Agent Prince turns things around and beat the heck out of him oh yeah (Wonder Woman Rocks) as I was saying (Wonder Woman Rocks) oh and also (Wonder Woman Rocks) so (Wonder Woman Rocks) and (Captin Nazi doesn't) so back to the story, Hippolitta cuts her hair and out of nowhere Captin Nazi is in pitch dark (I thought he was in heven but he can't be there he trie dto kill Wonder Woman) but he was in the laso of truth. As we go to Hippolitta she is killing Amazons (Wow). Then she unleashes a monster. Coming to Wonder Woman she is asking to get healed to fight but only th eheven god helps. At the end they use the word Slotter again.

If you ask me I enjoyed reading and writing about this comci. Cool pics thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Dodson and great story by Gail Simone.

This comic was great and I hope you say the same about the review and I highly reccomend you read this comic. Its Wonder Woman comic #15. By once again by Gail Simone and Mr. and Mrs. Dodson or Terry Dodson and Rachael Dodson.


Mr. Rice said...

Maybe I'm sensitive about my smell!

Bo Bo said...

Another fun review, I hope you keep your promise of writing them more often.

Comb & Razor said...

i can't read this review right now... i haven't read the issue yet and i don't want to spoil it!

Sean W. said...

"oh yeah (Wonder Woman Rocks) as I was saying (Wonder Woman Rocks) oh and also (Wonder Woman Rocks) so (Wonder Woman Rocks) and (Captin Nazi doesn't) so back to the story"

I LOVE this!

Scout said...

I love how enthusiastic this review is. Great stuff!

Nick said...

This review is great (Leanna Rocks)!

Anonymous said...

I think we could all learn a little bit from Leanna's reviewing style.

Also, it bears repeating that Wonder Woman rocks, and Captain Nazi doesn't.