Friday, December 14, 2007

Mouse Guard: Belly of the Beast

Hey it's Leanna. I love Mouse Guard! So much cool things happen. The way that Lieam killed that snake was cool. I thought that the mouse who pulled the cart was going to live. Bummer. Well one less mouse.

So cool! First I thought that the way they got the reader used to the story was great. That is a very good way to make a reader know the story. First the mouse was pulling a cart of grain. I thought how do they make tiny carts? And he fell asleep. I wouldn't have, if I knew I was a mouse that people hate me and animals like to eat me, I wouldn't. Those mice look cool when they model like heroes like Lieam did on the cover.

This book reminds me of anything little that do a big job. And do their business . . .and some of ours.

For the last paragraph we always have to remember: It matters not what you fight but what you fight for.


Jared H. said...

Great reviews with some fun insights. And I agree with you: Mouse Guard is awesome!

Rohan Williams said...

Nice review, Leanna! I still haven't read Mouse Guard, so you're doing better than me!

Leanna T said...

hey thanks guys for the comment. That is soooooooooo cool to leave me a cool comment. jared h. thanks for agreeing w/me I think we have something in commen. rohan williams hey thanks I feel like a role model ;P

Brett said...

I agree! I just read Mouse Guard for the first time last night. It's definitely one of my favorite new books.

Rick Cortes said...

My new favorite blog! Keep up the great reviews. I love Mouse Guard, too. :)