Thursday, December 6, 2007

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Hi its me Leanna. Of corse I'm writing another reweiw abour a book called "Where the Sidewalk Ends." Its like a great poem book also funny. If I was aloud to rate this I'd give it five thumbs up UP UP UP (NOT DOWN PEOPLE!). I love a great amount of poems in this book . . ."OK, you got me I like all of them." So I'm writing about them.

Wow! So much to talk about. All great poems (if you can hear I'm giving you applase right now). Well on your poem the Forth on page fifteen there is a screat poem "SHH be quiet its wabbit season I MEAN its a secreat. On the poem smart that kid is not smart at all. I guess the people that traded with him like dumb kids.

I really love this book. Its funny, the pictures are great. The poem sick that relates to me so much. I would do the same thing. Yes, Peggy Ann McKay we are alike. I love being like charecters.

Oh yea R.I.P. JOEY, Dentist, Sarah, Cynthia Sylvia Stout, the rats, unicorns and the dog falling off the sidewalk.-


Paul T. said...

Great review, Leanna. It's been a long, long time since I read that book, but you have inspired me to want to look at it again!

Keep them coming!

Ryan Kelly said...

Wow, it's been so long since I read Where the Sidewalk Ends. I think I might have even been about your age when I first read it, but I remember loving every poem in it and all of his crazy illustrations, and I'm glad kids today are still reading. I'm sure Silverstein would've loved your review, Leanna. I know I did!

Jeff said...

Any book of poems alluding to Elmer Fudd has to be good. Thanks for another great review!

Bo Bo said...

I read this review at work (don't tell my boss!) and it was a great way to take a break. I give this review five thumbs waaay up :)

Ryan H said...

As someone who discovered the same book when I was roughly your age, I think it is great that it still holds wonder.